Checkout this awesome new Black Edition Ford Ranger in the short film below shared by Ford Europe with MotorMartin recently.

Indeed, Ford Europe have commented to MotorMartin that:

Join the new Ford Ranger Black Edition in one of the darkest settings on Earth in this short film, 100 Days of Dark

To put the Ford Ranger Black Edition to the test, we took it to the darkest and toughest place on Earth: the small town of Longyearbyen on the island of Svalbard, the Arctic circle’s northernmost settlement.

The people of this community know darkness better than any other people in the world, as they spend over 110 days of the year living in constant darkness.

Who better to test the Ford Ranger Black Edition than the drivers who know how tough darkness can really be?

The new Ford Ranger Black Edition comes in Shadow Black and 17″ panther black alloy wheels to deliver a real presence, even in the darkest places. While impressive interior features, including premium black full-leather seat trims, create a unique blend of sumptuous luxury and bold, assertive style.

I think you’ll agree, it looks pretty amazing.

Where will you go?


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