PEUGEOT 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 AUTO: Fable Of A Silver Moon

Peugeot have certainly gone to town with their 508 SW, a car that has already been replaced for late 2018 meaning that this model will be it’s own swan song. And what a job Peugeot have completed.

Checkout how the well proportioned curved rear and tailgate fits the the side profile perfectly whilst displaying your good taste to those following. The 19” wheels adorning this handsome Sport wagon combine beautifully with subtly flared front and rear wheel arches and hint at abilities other than load lugging whilst the pearlescent pearl white paintwork suggests a level of sophistication that the Peugeot carries off well.

This feeling continues when you step inside the cabin with an interior design that Peugeot have created to give both driver and passengers plenty of space in the front and rear cabins. Indeed, attention to detail ensures that the comfort available is excellent especially as the 508 has front seats that are both electric and heated. And don’t forget the massage function. Lovely.

Technological advancement in motoring and driving aids continues at quite some pace at present and the expectations of the modern consumer drive what’s available and present within the car’s that we chose to share our lives with. Indeed, the driver that yearns for the days before Cruise Control, 3D Satellite Navigation, Head Up Displays and (my own favourite) Hands free remote central locking and keyless push button start has clearly not understood how the driving landscape has changed over time. After all, why would you not want the car to help you when it can? And the Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 AUTO tries its very best.

Peugeot have thrown their very best technology at this, the final edition of the venerable 508 SW before it regenerates into an all new model but this doesn’t mean that you should hold back from giving the current 508 a fair hearing especially as your hard earned gets you, in this GT Line Edition, an array of top flight features as well as 612 litres of boot space with the seats up and a colossal 1817 litres with the seats folded.

On the road is where you’ll be wanting to spend the majority of your time. Motorways become a period of rest and relaxation, A roads are never quite long enough to satisfy and yet the back lanes can still offer a car such as the 508 SW a chance to gather it’s thoughts before displaying it’s fun side.

Suspension that cossets driver and passengers alike means that the 508 is a comfortable place to spend your time, whilst Peugeot’s range topping 200bhp HDi turbo diesel, sporting an automatic 6-speed gearbox and 331 ft/lb torque, means that you can achieve up to 51mpg whilst CO2 of 144 g/km ensure that this is an engine for the future as well as the here and now.

Put your foot down and you can instantly feel the automatic gearbox dropping into the required gear which allows you to ride the shove of torque putting itself down onto the tarmac. There’s not a hint of hesitation as the car’s clever electronics keep the car feeling stable on all but the worst surfaces allowing you to feel what the front wheels are doing through the surprisingly effective steering, this is still an estate after all but the Peugeot feels like a car half the size when motoring on.

So what then can we surmise about the Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 AUTO? At £34,249 you’re getting a great looking, thoroughly modern and stylish Sport Wagon for a bargain price. Get one while you can, practical and fun. What more do you want?

Where will you go?

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