To finish off MotorMartin’s coverage of the latest evo Magazine Awards we get to this, the prestigious Coupe of the Year. And this year MotorMartin is pleased to announce that it’s the Alpine A110 which has been named Coupe of the Year.

Discussing the Alpine A110 with MotorMartin recently, Stuart Gallagher, Editor of evo magazine, said: “There’s such finesse about the Alpine’s approach to everything it does that you swear blind you’ve upped your game as a driver with every trip. Thrills and rewards are rarely this accessible.”

John Barker, evo Contributing Editor, added: “Within 20 yards you’re smiling because the A110 feels light and small and refreshingly different… It covers the ground in a way that we haven’t seen since the original Elise, with a deftness, a lightness of touch which at times feels like alchemy.”

We’ll leave the final word to Sébastien Erphelin, Alpine Managing Director, who said: “Thank you to evo for their recognition of the A110. It’s clear that the Alpine A110 has been extremely well received by the specialist motoring press and we’re delighted to have won another significant award. It’s been an incredible year for us and it’s exciting to see the reaction to the A110 and, most importantly, that customers are enjoying driving their new cars.”

It just remains to inform you that the evo Car of the Year issue goes on sale today, Friday 21st December and will be well worth picking up.

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