Kia Stonic ‘2’ 1.0 T-GDi ISG: Raise Your Love

The Kia Stonic ‘2’ 1.0 T-GDi ISG looks great in it’s striking Blaze Red Pemium paint, in fact the Stonic looks good from any angle especially the clever reworking of Kia’s signature Tiger-Nose grille with it solid centre.

Gorgeous curves flow across the exterior of the Stonic with the bonnet displaying perhaps the most prominent with bold lines sweeping majestically from the inside of the front light cluster right up to and merging into the A-pillars. The whole front end is a riot of ideas, mixing sports, urban and off road in equal measures. Projector fog lights and Bi-function Projection Headlights and stylish LED Daytime Running Lights create a fresh and distinctive look amongst a crowded market place.

The Kia’s compact dimensions, a feature that makes it such an attractive runaround in town and congested city streets, also works in it’s favour when looking over the Stonic’s side and rear profile. It’s bold rear wheel arches complementing the almost concave lower panels, LED rear combination lights and strikingly sculpted tailgate, this Kia projects an urban cool that should have buyers flocking to their local Kia showroom.

The infotainment technology inside, including a 7 inch colour touchscreen (Navigation featuring TomTom live is available in the First Edition) and DAB radio, catches your eye as you settle into the Stonic’s airy interior whilst it’s bright screen is simple and easy to use. In a nod to the more tech savvy out there, Kia have also included both Android Auto and iOS-CarPlay allowing you access to your smartphone’s Sat Nav, music, apps and most helpfully, voice control. Lost? Press the voice control and ask for directions, it works brilliantly.

The car’s clever and efficient 1.0 T-GDi ISG 3-cylinder engine performs well as you go about your daily business and although 118bhp @ 6000rpm may not sound like much, it’s bang on the money when comparable power plants are glanced over. There’s also the small matter of 0-60 in 9.9s, a top speed of 114mph whilst offering up to a claimed 51.4mpg.

The Stonic belies it’s compact nature to produce a stable and comfortable ride at motorway speeds suffering none of the fidgety characteristics that so often afflict a smaller car at speed, in-fact it delivers a feeling amongst driver and passenger more akin to cars in the class above. With suspension that cossets on longer journeys there must surely be a payoff when bends appear up on the horizon. At least you’d think so wouldn’t you? And there we have the cleverness of the Stonic in one, when the going gets twisty the Kia doesn’t shy away and shrink into the background as the Stonic puts on a proper show.

Partly that’s due to the 6 speed manual transmission that allows you to easily pick the right gear for the speed and corner arriving upon the horizon and partly it’s due to the easily accessible 126 ft/lb torque available from 1500-4000rpm. A spread of power that means you can concentrate on getting the bends just right, trusting the Stonic’s sporty nature and feedback laced steering to guide you from apex to apex without incident.

From £16,815, including Kia’s 7 year warranty, you’re getting a stylish urban SUV that offers something different from the crowd. You’ve got that subtly reworked, yet instantly recognisable Tiger grille, stylish bodywork and strong engine. It’s comfortable when need be, packed full of current technology and economical as well. If you’re in the market for an urban crossover, the Stonic’s bang on the money.

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