It’s quite clear to MotorMartin that with it’s intense sports car persona and assertive styling, the A110S fits perfectly into the Alpine model range where it joins the already impressive A110 Pure and A110 Légende. Sitting at the top of the line-up, Alpine say that the A110S is a lightweight coupe characterised by high engine power, a focused chassis setup and refined design elements.

As with the Pure and Légende models, the A110S has been engineered for superb handling and high-speed stability whilst still offering sophisticated styling flourishes inside and out. And ten there’s the high-end materials used such as carbon fibre and Dinamica upholstery which do a great job in amplifying the car’s purposeful nature.

What you’re getting with the A110S is a mid-engined, two-seat sports car that delivers 288bhp and yet weighs 1114kg, a power to weight ratio that allows for an engaging drive at all speeds while still being comfortable in everyday use. The effect of Alpine’s clever engineering and lightweight approach mean that the A110S is faithful to Alpine’s underlying principles of compact dimensions and performance through agility.

Costing €66,500, a shade under £60,000 before options, Alpine have shared with MotorMartin that the A110S is available to reserve immediately and the first cars will appear in showrooms in October. Deliveries are due to begin before the end of the year so best get saving.

Sébastien Erphelin, Alpine Managing Director comments: ‘The A110S delivers an intense Alpine driving experience. From the very inception of the Alpine project it has been our intention to offer different versions of the A110 with handling and performance characteristics of their own. ‘Like all versions of the A110, it is easy both to drive and live with day-to-day.’

‘Like all versions of the A110, it is easy both to drive and live with day-to-day. The A110S is welcoming of all drivers regardless of their skill level, too.’

And that sounds like it suits MotorMartin just fine.

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