Whether you’re a believer in the direction that car manufacturers are heading or not, there’s no getting away from the fact that the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is no longer a quirky machine loved by the few but is finally becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream.

And it’s into this environment that Volkswagen have thrown their hat, determined to introduce and succeed with their all-new series three peoples car, the ID.3.

Volkswagen have now shared with MotorMartin the news that their ID.3 has set its first range record covering the 531 kilometers from Zwickau to Schaffhausen (Switzerland) on a single charge. Officially, Volkswagen say, the model has a range of up to 420 kilometers (WLTP). This mark was topped by more than 100 kilometers – an increase of 26 percent, which can’t be bad!

For the doubters out there suspecting foul play on the part of VW, the vehicle was a series production ID.3 1st Pro Performance with a 58 kWh battery built at the Zwickau electric car factory. The route to Switzerland consisted entirely of public roads and highways, passing cities such as Bayreuth and Ulm. The record-breaking vehicle was driven by “hypermiler” Felix Egolf, a native of Switzerland. The term “hypermiling” originated in the USA and refers to driving a series production vehicle with techniques that maximise efficiency and minimise consumption.

Volkswagen know that this record-breaking journey is not entirely comparable with day-to-day trips, but say that it nevertheless underpins the everyday practicality of the ID.3. “With its high-volt battery, efficient drivetrain and fast charging capability, even long journeys are not a problem”, said Reinhard de Vries, Managing Director Technology and Logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen. “This is also a strong message for the team in Zwickau and for the entire ID. team.”

Where will you go?

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