MG have stated that they are taking a bold new step into an entirely fresh market area as it continues its incredible growth, which has seen it become the only car brand to increase UK sales volumes in 2020 and develop into the fourth best-selling electric car company in Britain.

The new MG HS Plug-in SUV, they say, goes on sale in October with a great value entry price of £29,995 and adds a new dimension to MG’s electrified drivetrain line-up, building on the popularity and success of ZS EV.

It becomes MG’s first model to feature a Plug-in Hybrid drivetrain, using the existing model’s 1.5-litre turbocharged engine working in tandem with a 90KW electric motor to give an EV-only range of 32 miles with zero tailpipe emissions – plenty enough for most commutes.

Rather impressively, the electric and petrol motors develop a combined power output of 258PS, giving the model a performance advantage, too. It has the ability to accelerate from 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds. MG HS Plug-in also introduces an innovative new 10-speed transmission which works with both the petrol and electric motors to optimise power delivery and efficiency.

Daniel Gregorious, MG’s Head of Sales & Marketing, explained to MotorMartin recently: “Since MG HS arrived in showrooms last year it has established itself as a high quality flagship for MG, building on the success of the smaller MG ZS to offer even more comfort, practicality and great value features that are prized by C-segment SUV buyers.”

“New MG HS Plug-in makes the already terrific value MG HS range even more appealing as it brings with it the promise of a zero emissions 32-mile range, with added performance and at a price point comparable to some other manufacturers’ smaller internal combustion engine models. It’s a tremendously affordable package that we think will be a huge hit with both family and fleet customers.”

MG currently has a network of 112 dealers with further expansion planned before the end of 2020.

To find your local dealer, or to discover the high-tech, value-for-money range of cars on offer, MotorMartin recommends you visit MG.CO.UK

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