Buoyed by their excellent sales figures, launches and promotions during 2015 MG has taken the bold step of extending many of their new car buying offers into 2016 in the hope that foot fall into dealerships will continue to increase as customers become more and more aware of what’s on offer.

MG Motor UK are very proud of the fact that they finished 2015 on a fantastic high last year with December figures more than doubling those of the previous year; a success that came off the back of a number of great deals that were on offer to all new customers.

This year, MG have informed MotorMartin that they have decided to start 2016 with a bang and offer not just one, but four incredible offers to its customers.

Those looking to buy a new car need look no further as, with the purchase of the super-fun MG3 or the fully-loaded MG6, customers will be entitled to some of the following offers:


Of great interest will be the continuation of the £2,000 minimum part exchange – Following an incredible uptake by customers at the end of last year, this incredible offer has been extended until the end of January. Hundreds of customers took advantage of this deal when they exchanged their existing vehicle for a brand new MG at their local dealer. Those who thought they had missed out need only take their old car in, regardless of its make, model or age, and get £2,000 towards a new one. This is surely a great offer, as it removes what can be a barrier for some when it comes to buying a new car, namely, having a trade in with little or no value.


MotorMartin is also impressed with the offer of one year’s free insurance as this can also save you hundreds of pounds and everyone loves to save money, so when MG is offering one year’s free insurance on all new 2016 MG3 models it’s confident that customers won’t be able to resist checking out these great superminis; particularly when the only thing to worry about for the next 12 months is adding fuel. Plus, this offer is also available in conjunction with the £250 Hilton voucher and 0% APR finance deal.

Free hotel break – There’s no better way to celebrate a new car than with a road trip. So, as well as their shiny new car, all MG customers will receive a £250 Hilton Hotel voucher for them to enjoy a weekend getaway.

The final money saving offer available to customers is 0% APR finance, an offer which has proved itself to be incredibly well received – The popular deal is available on both the MG3 and MG6. Customers looking to spread the cost of buying their new car over a longer period, and avoid interest charges, will benefit from this great offer.


Talking with MotorMartin, Matthew Cheyne, MG’s Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “December was a fantastic month for us. We sold 155 more cars in 2015 compared to 2014, which put us in the top five amongst other manufacturers for biggest growth in December. We are thrilled to be seeing these kind of figures for what would normally be a quiet month.

“Based on this success, and knowing that we are seeing more and more new customers, we’ve decided to extend some of these offers as well as introduce new ones. We think there’s something for everyone amongst our latest deals, so why not pop down to your local dealer and test drive one of our great cars.”

Terms and conditions do apply to all of the mentioned offers available, so for more information please visit

Once again MG Motor UK are getting noticed. Here’s to a bigger and better 2016 and more success.

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