If there’s been one big surprise this year in the world of MotorMartin, it would have to be how much I enjoyed my week with the very pretty MG3. Especially in the yellow and black colourings of the 3FORM SPORT model that MotorMartin had on test back in February, see for review part 1. And then, MG Motor UK continued with some very attractive offers against the little MG. Making what was already an extremely good value Hatchback, into what can only be described as, an incredible bargain.


As stated above, in the first part of 2016, MG Motor UK ran a fantastic range of offers for customers which are set to continue into April. Good news indeed for anyone on the lookout to replace there current wheels with something different.

Customers looking to get a brand new car need look no further than the super-fun supermini, the MG3. MG have informed MotorMartin that they are currently offering this great car for as little as £109 per month with a lower deposit of £1,859 when opting for the 3Time. The popular offer of free insurance can also be used with this deal, which will give customers a real saving.

Those looking to go large in size and features, yet still keep the fun, can opt for the MG6 which is also available with a reduced deposit of only 20% and a monthly payment of only £185 (based on an entry-level model with a deposit of £2,895).

In a great move by MG Motor UK and as an incentive to those who haven’t yet sat behind the wheel of an MG, a free gift is given for every test drive taken. It’s a small touch but one I really like.


Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, shared with MotorMartin that: “We are always offering great deals, with many dealers running their own on top of what we offer as a manufacturer. The cars are fantastic and extremely affordable, so it is well worth checking out the model range and seeing for yourself why so many of our customers love them.” Couldn’t agree more.

So then, what are you waiting for? All dealers across the MG network will be running these deals with additional offers available too. Visit the MG website and contact your local dealer for more information:

There really has been no better time to get yourself along to your nearest MG dealer and grab the keys to a MG3 or MG6.

And for those of you near South Wales, MotorMartin can recommend that you give @nathanielcars a call on 01656 242904 or check out their website for your new MG.

Where will you go?

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