News: MG SELLS ITS 5,000TH MG3

As fans of MotorMartin will already know, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the emergence of MG Motor UK for a while now and was myself very impressed with the MG3 that I had the pleasure of driving for a week in February, see for MotorMartin’s review. And have been saying to all that will listen/read, about the fantastic value for money that both the MG6 and MG3 represent out here in ‘real life’ motoring situations.

The message is clearly getting out there as MG Motor UK are gradually increasing the number of dealerships serving MG and combining this expansion with consistently good offers all designed to increase footfall through the door

In MotorMartin’s opinion, the only thing holding MG back at the moment is the customers ability to experience their cars, something that’s being fixed with their dealer expansion, as once driven, the cars are difficult to forget, being stylish, well equipped and great to drive. A winning combination.

And here we have the news, shared by MG Motor UK with MotorMartin, that whilst waiting to go into the Royal Academy of Arts, in London’s Piccadilly, Martyn Watchurst stumbled upon MG’s flagship showroom and it proved to be a great use of his spare time. A story that proves my point exactly.


Once Martyn walked into the showroom, he was immediately taken with the MG3. He said: “I hadn’t seen the new models, so when I spotted the MG3 I thought it looked great and the price was right.”

Indeed, Martyn was so impressed with the MG3, he dropped in at Roadworthy in Bristol to take a closer look. Richard Onslow-Carey, a new salesman to the dealership, offered Martyn a test drive. It wasn’t long before he had picked out his MG3, which happened to be the 5,000th registered MG3 and Richard’s first sale.

Martyn said: “I’m so happy with the car; it’s designed really well and comes with a large amount of comfort and specification. I’m due to retire soon and it’s going to be a great little run-around car, particularly when I feel like having a break from my motorbike!

“The car, which I decided to buy with white and black graphics, has received a lot of interest from anyone who’s seen it and I’ve recommended it to them all.”

The popular MG3 supermini launched in 2013 and since then it has been the best seller for MG.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, informed MotorMartin that: “It’s fantastic to mark the 5,000th sale of this great car and the figure is only going to carry on rising as we grow as a brand.”


“We are always pleased to hear that people love the MG3 so much, as it really is a fantastic car. If you haven’t yet tested this car for yourself, then it’s worth doing now as we’ve got some great offers available which make this affordable car even more affordable.”

For more information on the MG3 and the offers currently running, visit the MG website and keep a regular check on for more great stories on MG Motor UK as the brand continues to goes from strength to strength.

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