Not wanting to miss out on the many riches that having a large SUV in the range would bring to the table, ŠKODA have recently announced to MotorMartin that their new large SUV is to be called Kodiaq. The name, as if we didn’t know, refers to the Kodiak bear that lives on a remote island off the southern coast of Alaska and its spelling is derived from the language of the indigenous people – the Alutiiq.  ŠKODA will usher in a new SUV campaign with the introduction of the Kodiaq when it makes its public debut in the second half of 2016.


Living alongside c.14,000 people on Kodiak Island – a harsh yet fascinating landscape located off the southern coast of Alaska (57°N 153°W) – are almost 3,500 Kodiak bears. The Alutiiq, the natives, call the bear Taq uka ‘aq – the letter ‘q’ at the end is a characteristic of animal names. ŠKODA’s use of the letter ‘q’ creates a distinctive name for a very distinctive new ŠKODA.

At 4.70 metres long, ŠKODA’s new SUV, MotorMartin has been told, can comfortably seat seven people and offers remarkable performance both on and off the beaten track. The hidden power of the Kodiaq can also be seen in its design – distinctive, muscular lines representing a dynamic, robust and strong appearance.

‘Discover new ground’ is the claim under which the Czech carmaker will be launching the Kodiaq with ŠKODA stating to MotorMartin that the model marks the beginning of their new SUV campaign, and will hopefully attract new consumer groups in the fast-growing SUV segment. The ŠKODA Kodiaq celebrates its public debut in the second half of 2016, with launch planned for early 2017.

With the ever popular ŠKODA Yeti currently being refreshed with a brand new look this is certainly an exciting time for fans of ŠKODA and MotorMartin can’t wait for the inevitable drip of information regarding the all new Kodiaq as it gradually becomes a flood.

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