With the imminent launch of the new MG GS this week, it seemed like an ideal time to visit the incredible story behind a modern cars development processes. After all, if designing a car was easy, we’d all be doing it. MG Motor UK have put many, many hours and miles into their new GS as this is possibly the most important launch in the new companies short, but successful history and it needs to be right. MotorMartin has been following the story of MG’s new SUV since its inception a few years ago and has been enthusiastically following its story ever since. Indeed, I’m looking forward to getting the GS over to MotorMartin Towers for a proper review in the next month or so to get an idea how the comprehensive process behind getting the MG onto the road and into the showrooms translates into the final product.

So what does a new car go through just to make sure it’s right for every eventuality? Rigorous testing, worldwide travel, freezing temperatures and strong winds are just some of them.

On the 14th June, the new MG GS is launched in the UK and to mark such a momentous occasion, MG Motor UK has been keen to share the stages of the SUV’s growth; from the design brief and early sketches through to what it’s gone through to ensure it performs at its best with MotorMartin.

All new models are put through their paces, and the MG GS is no exception to this thorough testing. The GS has travelled over 750,000 miles as part of its testing and it has braved the 46°C heat of Australia’s Alice Springs and -30° chills of Arjeplog in Sweden. Testing in such extreme temperatures guarantee that wherever you take your GS for adventures, it will stand up to the challenge. Such variations in temperature testing show the intended global reach of MG Motor U.K.’s latest new car and their desire to confirm that it will perform faultlessly in any given territory.

To make sure the GS is as streamlined and fuel efficient as possible, it was also put through more than 200 hours of wind tunnel testing to develop its highly-efficient aerodynamics, an even more important consideration with today’s emphasis on efficiency and emissions.

MG have also shared with MotorMartin the following regarding preparing the new GS for its ‘real life’ motoring role as testing has also covered the ‘wet dog in car’ scenario. By placing wet cloths in the GS, tests were able to determine how quickly the car can demist when moisture is present inside. Carrying out tests like this allow engineers to fine tune systems to ensure the GS runs at its optimum performance.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, informed MotorMartin that: “When you look into what a new car endures prior to going on sale, it’s fascinating and demonstrates the effort that goes into ensuring the car is the best it can possibly be.”

“With the imminent arrival of the GS, we’re excited to share facts and figures and nuggets of information people may have not been privy to before. By sharing these, we’re showing customers that when they step into the GS they know it can stand up to all challenges and adventures they put it through.”

To register your interest in the MG GS, visit the MG website

As stated previously, MotorMartin has been extremely impressed with the MG story so far and expects the MG GS to continue their upward trajectory as this new SUV will almost certainly bring MG Motor UK the numbers of sales that will cause certain other manufacturers to look nervously over their shoulders. Well done MG.

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