In this current collection of articles, MotorMartin has been counting down through the various evolutions of the legendary Volkswagen Golf, as a precursor to the launch of the very latest updated version this November. It’s important to remember throughout all of this that Volkswagen presented the first generation of the Golf way back in 1974 and that this was the beginning of an impressive success story. And by this MotorMartin is not just talking about the more than 33 million Golfs produced in total but rather the unique fact, as Volkswagen have explained to MotorMartin, that they are the world’s first and only automotive manufacturer to offer all currently relevant drive systems in one series – with the Golf. Amazing. There are also various car bodies and the most individual of equipment lines. I think that it’s fair to say then that the very first Golf in 1974 became the catalyst for a vehicle family that meets an unusual number of mobility wishes.

Volkswagen are proud to share with MotorMartin that Golf drivers today have a choice of petrol, diesel, natural gas, electric, plug-in hybrid, front and all-wheel drive. In addition, there are various body and special versions that make this series range unique. For example, in addition to the two- and four-door vehicles, Volkswagen offers the current Golf in the all-round Variant and Sportsvan versions. The sporty “GTs” (GTI, GTE, GTD) and the all-wheel drive Golf R have also achieved cult status. It has to be said that the incredible variety of editions highlighted above will doubtless be a surprise to all but the most ardent Golf fan and ably demonstrate the incredible technological legacy that the Golf has already left us with. Fair play to you Volkswagen.

Important Golf versions and their debut year:

Golf GTI – 1976

Golf Cabriolet – 1979

Golf GTD – 1982

Golf syncro (forerunner of the 4MOTION all-wheel drive) – 1986

Golf City Stromer (forerunner of the e-Golf) – 1989

Golf Country (SUV forerunner) – 1990

Golf Variant – 1993

Golf R32 (forerunner of the Golf R) – 2002

Golf Plus (forerunner of the Golf Sportsvan) – 2006

Golf TGI (powered by natural gas) – 2013

Golf GTE (plug-in hybrid drive) – 2014

To finish off, checkout the short film below, kindly shared by Volkswagen with MotorMartin from their excellent YouTube channel and highlighting the evolution of the Golf from the original 1974 Mk1 up to the Mk7 of the present day.

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