Back in September, MG Motor UK shared with MotorMartin the story of one very happy couple from North Essex who are now driving around in style after they decided to treat themselves to a brand new MG6 – each!


Mr and Mrs MG, previously known as Paul and Ann, bought their new MG6s from their local dealer, Roy Tolley MG in Colchester, Essex, after seeing them on display in July at the local Tendring Show in Manningtree. Both he and Ann were really impressed with the car’s appearance, handling and comfort. The only thing they couldn’t agree on was the colour, so they got one each!

And now, just a few short months later, MG Motor UK has brought another similar story to the attention of MotorMartin. This time, it’s the MG3, as well as the MG6, that have proved themselves to be too tempting in the flesh as a couple who had their eye on an MG6 couldn’t resist buying themselves another MG when they dropped by their local dealer to take a look.

Mr and Mrs Murdoch, from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, went along to their local dealer as they were in the market for a new car and had decided it was time to hang up the awning and leave the days of caravanning behind them. They needed a new car that would still give them enough room, but would be a downsize from their caravan-towing estate.


In the latest caravanning magazine Mr Murdoch received, he spotted the MG6 in an article about it being crowned the ‘under £17,500’ class winner in the 2015 Towcar of the Year Awards in September. He said: “Even though we weren’t looking for another car capable of pulling a caravan, we both thought that the MG6 looked great and was fantastic value, so we thought it was well worth dropping by our local dealer to take a look.”

As soon as the couple walked into Kerridges, Needham Market in Suffolk, Mrs Murdoch was distracted by another car sitting in the showroom; a white MG3. She said: “I fell in love with it straightaway, so Bruce and I decided he’d get his red MG6 and I’d get my MG3!”


Mr Murdoch said: “Even though we’ve downsized from a Ford Mondeo estate, the MG6 has still got so much going for it. The car has got some real go to it too, and being able to fit our Labrador Retriever into the ample-sized boot is great.”


Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “We always like hearing stories of customers enjoying their new car, and it’s even better when they decide to buy two! We’ve got some great deals on at the moment, including our minimum £2,000 part exchange offer, which is now running until the end of January. So now is the perfect time to check out the great range we offer.”

MG Motors UK are justifiably proud of the numerous achievements they have completed since their recent rebirth, epecially their continued increase in sales.

With products like the MG6, a medium-sized fastback offering fantastic dynamic handling, high levels of interior comfort and a tremendously spacious cabin area with a cavernous boot. It’s no surprise that the MG6 won the 2014 Auto Express Driver Power Best Handling Award. 

To complement the 6, the MG3 is a new generation supermini which brings fun and style to this sector of the market at very affordable prices. The 1.5-litre petrol-powered car can also be personalised, so owners have the option of giving their car their own style-statement.

Both the MG3 and the MG6 paved the way for MG to be voted the fourth best manufacturer in the UK in the Auto Express Driver Power Awards in 2015 as well as MG being the fastest growing brand in Britain in 2014 as shown by official figures issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Currently MG has the fastest growing network of dealers in the UK as sales continue to surge.

So thank you MG Motor UK for highlighting these tales of sales success. The two experiences have proved that once the customer sets foot in the showroom, with the current range of excellent deals on offer, the cars really are good enough to sell themselves.

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